Suitable System to Play Online Kong The Eight Slot Symbols

The high-quality display is one of the hallmarks of Playtech that is undoubtedly difficult to find in the other slot games with Suitable System to Play Online Kong The Eight Slot Symbols. They are also always on the theme of popular games that easily found in everyday life. You would feel the quality of the Kong slot game at Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android. Every time you play reels and managed to get a winning combination, you will enjoy the animation is so cool accordance with the characteristics of successful symbol landed. That’s the beauty Playtech, they always insert elements trivial to entertain all the players.

Kong slot game has a clear advantage not easily rivaled by many other slots games. You will find a bonus game with different characteristics. Starting from the jungle respin feature, big city and jungle modes, a city tower bonus, up to a skull bonus. It looks like this game will be very easy to be won. Nevertheless, the reality is not always like that. You need a system that is suitable for use in order to get the most profit from slot games Kong.

Suitable System to Play Online Kong The Eight Slot Symbols
Suitable System to Play Online Kong The Eight Slot Symbols

Suitable System to Play Online Kong The Eight Slot Symbols

Characteristics of the game

The game is adapted from a film directed by Peter Jackson in 2005. You will find a variety of characters that appear in the game. Everything is displayed through 5 reels that are arranged in a 5×3 formation. You should utilize the 20 paylines available to land some identical symbols on one active payline. If lucky, you can get thousands of coins to be enjoyed from the symbols available. Moreover, you can take advantage of the bonus game in Slot machine games, free slot betting website is purposely reserved for entertaining and your happiness.

You will meet together various characters contained in the film King Kong is displayed exactly as there is no film. If you managed to land 5 Captain Englehorn symbol, then you can get a payout of 300 coins. Symbol Jack Driscoll and Ann Darrow will provide a better payout. You can get the maximum payout of 600 (Jack Driscoll) and 1,000 coins (Ann Darrow) if it managed to land 5 identical symbols on any active payline.

Wild symbols and scatter symbols will be special for this game. If you successfully landed five wild symbols on any active payline, you can get a payout of 3,000 coins. This is the largest amount that can be won from the normal mode. Meanwhile, scatter symbol can appear anywhere to give a gift. You could win a payout reaches 100x total bet if you managed to land 5 scatter symbols. Although profitable, the greatest opportunity to earn bonuses much more interesting would be obtained if you are able to get to the bonus game mode found in Kong slot game.

Wild life, huge bonuses

Get ready to go wild for the pursuit of the jungle respin bonus feature at Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins. You must successfully landed three or more symbols Kong and will get 3 free spins plus sticky Wilds. Additionally, you can also sticks to the skull island bonus game modes. You will be able to target the very large gift if managed to get three or more symbols on a reel logo available. You just need to match each animal that appears on the panel game to get the prize.

Bonus not stop here, wild Kong respin bonus is a bonus that you deserve achieved by successfully landed three wild symbols Kong. You will control Kong who are angry to destroy aircraft that constantly attack the animal. You can collect a lot of coins to take advantage of this bonus as possible. In fact, you do not have to destroy all the planes. You only need to select one of the three planes that roam to acquire the coins in the hundreds to thousands.

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